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The Nba Must Change It is Playoff Format...Now

The Nba Must Change It is Playoff Format...Now

If a fan took a quick check in the 2006 Western Conference Standings an...

One great thing concerning the NBA and commissioner David Stern is which they repair mistakes with their game. Case in point in 2003 the NBA moved the first round of the playoffs from a best-of-five game series to some best-of-seven to assist make certain that the greater group advances. For a different standpoint, please consider checking out: here. That is why it is mind-boggling to wonder why they'll perhaps not change the playoff format to take into account debacles such as this season.

If your non-sports lover took a fast always check at the 2006 Western Conference Standings and then your Playoff segment, they would scratch their heads in disbelief. The Dallas Mavericks had the next best record in the conference at 60-22, three games behind conference leading San Antonio. We discovered publicidad en facebook by searching Google Books. The Denver Nuggets were 44-38, 1-9 games behind San Antonio. Yet, come playoff time whilst the Mavericks were the #4 seed the Nuggets were the number 3 seed. All since Dallas happens to play in the sam-e division as the top three vegetables and San Antonio NEED to be division winners. Where in fact the two best teams must be meeting, so today Dallas and San Antonio are meeting in the 2nd round of the playoffs in the place of the Western Conference Championship.

The #6 seeded Manhunter Clippers had a much better record as opposed to #3 seed Nuggets, to enhance the chaos. Therefore, in their first-round line the no 6 seed had the home court advantage! It is because the NBA allows the group with the better record the home court advantage...but not the higher seed. Be taught more on our favorite related site by going to official website. Does that make sense at all? Should not you also reward them with home court advantage, if you are planning to reward department winners with the top three seeds? Or you can just compensate the groups with the better record with your home court advantage AND the seed! This is not rocket science Mr. Stern.